Judson's Art

Many people are impressed by this man's stained glass art work. Only about 90 to 95% of youngsters know what they want to do as life's work, I've been told. Strangely, I'm the father of 2. Both Judson and my second daughter, Tara showed unstoppable early signs of determination on life's careers. If you simply type "Judson Portzer" into your browser you can see some amazing samples of his work.  No bragging. Just suggesting. This medium of art is best viewed when placed where sunlight passes through the piece. This "free lance" project suggests "peace". 

Tara began early fixing hair. She went of to become an expert in making people look beautiful. I know of no one who's disappointed with her work as a cosmetologist. 

Personal Handiwork 3

Re-decked flat car floor. The oak planking is ship-lapped like in real life. Individual planking looks better than the original scribed (cross-grain) plywood. You can see the 2 incomplete cars in the upper background and trestle bents stored under the table to the upper left of the flat car. The 15 foot track section can be viewed in the "Personal Handiwork Share". Click on any picture to enlarge. Click the > by placing cursor on center right of the enlarged picture to scroll. Click x in upper right to exit enlarged picture.

A real locomotive beauty in the 1/8 scale built by Bruno Platzer (wonder if he has a German background too). I'm sticking to the rolling stock projects pulled by such as seen in other posted pictures. Did you know that this was the chosen scale Walt Disney settled for in his Carolwood garden railroad (www.carolwood.com). He had a tunnel under his wife's garden! Although his locomotive (named, Lilly Belle, after his bride, Lillian). Walt built some of the rolling stock.

Personal Handiwork 2

Two unfinished railroad car samples.

Personal Handiwork Share

Pictures of some samples. Yes, I'm in the process of perfecting techniques in a life-long area of interest and business possibilities. What is this? This is a miniature (1/8 actual size but large enough for adults to ride on...go to www.midsouthlivesteamers.com  for how this works.) railroad track section to be placed on a trestle being built to market some items to the public. The track is the scale Walt Disney chose for his personal yard layout. He was a dreamer and loved trains. Watch for more samples of my work. What is your specialty? 

Jun. 16, 2017

Whatnots With Greater Meaning

Many of us are collectors of figurines and cute things. Many have a symbolic or memorable meaning. My late bride, Brenda had many of them. Since she was a first grade school teacher she accepted them. Not sure how many were precious to her but they must have brought back special meaning from a caring student. I have a "thing" about these things. My thing is that they be in scale! That means much to me as we can see a microcosm of life without distortion. I like things in 1/48th and 1/8th scales. The former is one-forty-eighth size. The latter one-eighth size of the real thing. Corresponding figurines, houses, cars as in real life match with the scale and is less confusing and perspective remains intact. What does this say about me? Tell me about your whatnot collection and we could use these things to make life a bit more interesting! Maybe I'll share a picture later and show you something interesting...

A New Page

Just decided to call attention to something special that's sure to enhance the six major areas of life listed for my Center for Whole Life and Wellness. When in school early in my academic education experience a dreaded question plagued me when filling out applications, "What is your hobby?' or something to that effect. It dawned on me as an adult that this too is important. Well, as mentioned on my "Coming Soon!" page one of my interests is model railroading. About 18 years ago an advertisement page drew my attention. You can go to www.Kohs.com and begin to experience some of my "perfectionist" interest findings. It's listed as one of the best Websites...on that page as well. It's always interesting to see real life in miniature with productions you'll discover. 

Whatever clean life-enhancing interest you have you can be sure life gets more interesting, breaking monotony and lending itself to creativity. Relaxation and hobby experession simply makes live's work more tolerable. Now I recommend a clean hobby if your life of service needs a power boost!