Sharing Good Ideas

Feb. 11, 2019

Ritual for succeeding in life brought me to this AM selection of archives from a friend in Texas. My Maxous account for maximizing and monetizing what most of us are doing anyway, utilizing Social Media for advertising, saving, and earning money and just keeping in touch with others led me to do a quick post about children. Well, the experience led to a most timely and relevant reminder of how much more wise and simple children appear to indicate on "complicated" adult issues. 

Politics is not my forte (pronounced "fort" not the "forta" pronunciation as only correctly applied to music). We all know there's much corruption, greed, and warfare within the political community.

Take a look at the statement "old Hoop" recently shared with me in an email. Consider that the Master Teacher referred to this kind of simple wisdom (Matthew 21:16) as He quoted David (Psalms 8:2). Oh! How I wish childish adults in Washington who hate, resist, and ignore simple wisdom would emulate innocent children of light! I recently read that $75 billion dollars are being spent annually on security in America. Only about 15% of homes are secured by electronic alarm technology. The tiny amount of $5.7 is such a low cost to secure our National borders when you consider the lives lost and money spent on illegals by a generous US population. How much better our performance if we didn't have to be looking over our shoulders and could concentrate on our work?

The gun issue parallels the security issue as was constitutionally addressed. Both are so simple as are all basic truths. Robert Fulghum's, famous book, All I Ever Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, should be required reading in public schools. We could stop the gridlock over border security for vetting strangers in a fashion beneficial to all. Hate for wisdom and a President who's fighting to bring America back to the Founding Fathers' ideal for a prosperous, free and Godly Nation should arouse all good people to listen to our children. Additionally, are you aware of what the children can teach us baby boomers with internet technology? 

Let's make good sense more common for a change!


Feb. 6, 2019

Jim Conrad, personal financial adviser, author, and my friend just experienced the loss of his mother on February 3rd. I only learned of this just past midnight this morning.  Having lost my own mother in 2011, my bride in 2008, my father in 2015, and a daughter about a month ago I, in empathy offer my condolences to Jim. 

You who read my blogs will find a treasure in this tribute and are free to pass on words of comfort even for other such times as this. I can promise my readers a special blessing...Are you with me? Read on!

My bride, Brenda upon succumbing to pancreatic cancer (see the "Coming Soon!" page on this website for photo and story) ushered me into a panic-driven state of research for how to best deal with the tragedy of loss. May the following stay with you forever:

Dr. M. Scott Peck, psychiatrist, author of fine books such as The Road Less Travelled revealed a shocking insight. He stated, "Death has always fascinated me." Memorable, strange (coming from a "shrink") and fitting. A real attention-getter for me and handy for this short story!

William F. Buckley Jr, author, columnist, and conservative television talk show host upon being interviewed shortly before his death by Charlie Rose was asked if he'd like to relive his younger and popular successful years to which he replied, "Oh no, If you gave me a pill that would put me there, I'd not take it!". Stunned Charlie replied, "Why not?" Bill replied, "I'm tired of life".

Dr. Arnold Hutchsnecker in his book, Man's Will to Live devoted one chapter to a startling observation, "Man Dies When He Wants to Die"...that meaning, of course, the natural course of fate, (barring accidental or premature death) at the "appointed time". His value judgment and vast experience with dying patients gave him insight that when a person can no longer serve he or she has no reason to stay on the planet. The departing, being a subject of the natural course in life, is ready to make the final exit even though he, she or loved ones do not know how to say, "good-bye". Survivors would more easily release the beloved if only the facts were known.

We dread the moment while wisely coping with reality. Prepared people know that even such loss is temporary from the Creator's view and scheme of immortality. You see, Jesus actually removed the fear of death having overcome Satan's grip with the promise of ultimate never-ending bliss in view of the great uniting. Preparation is key to Victory.

A mother's love defies all dictionary definitions of love. Mothers instinctively seem to know that the best way to honor the dead is to serve the living.

Jim, while we all in sympathy relate in some way, extend our condolences. Had I not have met you because of your financial expertise in the best financial connections and services ( 4 digit code: JC35) I would not have been able to serve you with this most comforting display of encouraging thoughts to you, yours, and all who are with you at this moment. 

(Editor's note: Everyone not aware of Jim's professionalism and offerings which is sure to enhance any financial aspirants' concerns are urged to go to the above website. It will make your day. Be prepared to enter an unforgettable, positive experience and a rare treasure-find unlike anything you've ever experienced with "no strings attached".)


Jan. 29, 2019

Mobile phones have given families, friends, and businesses great opportunities to make life better than imagined many decades ago. There are tradeoffs with advancements in technology. One rising problem we are faced with today is Robocalling. This may be good for business and scammers but bad for the public. 

Older and hopefully wiser is the natural order for us. How do you deal with those frequent calls with no identity? More and more we become victims of unwanted callers. Fortunately, there is hope. The "Coming Soon!" page on this website lists as a helpful website by a money expert. Please get on this website if you want to "save more, spend less and not get ripped off" 

Recently, Clark Howard had some useful information for those of us who have been receiving the barrage of pesky calls. By all means get on Clark's email list. I used to hear him on the radio and found him always interesting and helpful in protecting assets and always offering a positive outlook on many financial issues. One of the latest posts on your solution to the harassment of unwanted calls offers hope. 

Jan. 17, 2019

America was built upon the idea of freedom for all who wanted to live free from oppression and excel in opportunities. We the people have become the envy of the world. While opportunities are highlighted it is clear that people with evil intentions have utilized our system to do harm. For now, while we seek to preserve freedom for our posterity one of the best things we can do is to continue to educate ourselves and whomever we can to pass the torch only to further our cause. 

People who cherish freedom must act to keep, promote and maintain otherwise fading gifts of freedom-lovers before us. May I remind you of Abraham Lincoln's phrase: "Government of the people, by the people and for the people" was stated and intended to emphasize people over the government? Even the best advertisers I've encountered seem not to know how Lincoln's oral tone stressed the word "people". In my many posts on Twitter and Facebook, the word PEOPLE is capitalized for one highlight and perpetuate Lincoln's use of the word in His brief celebrated, "Gettysburg Address". A little-known inquiry and study traced all the way back to a person who heard Lincoln's speech concluded that the endearing word "people" was far more important than the government. This helps explain the purpose of the 2nd amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

Books are arsenals in our quest for prosperity. One stands out as a favorite for all aspirants to the "American Dream" of betterment for humanity: Acres of Diamonds. The author, Russell Herman Conwell built Temple University through the power of over 6000 speeches in which he included the story of a farmer who seeking diamonds eventually committed suicide in a fit of despondency. Another farmer had purchased the plot and discovered a large stone which happened to be only a sampling of what became the largest diamond mine ever discovered. 

The moral of the story is that we the people in our great land can find our own fortune whether tangible or intangible within ourselves if we'll only persist and stay focused on making our greatest contribution in service to others. See the story on my Facebook page today, January 17, 2019. 

Jan. 12, 2019

Just had to add another story about my deceased daughter, Tara. I just found a picture of her on Facebook. The picture was taken from a group photo. She was valedictorian or salutatorian (not sure which) in High School before using a scholarship for her cosmetology career. As you may already know by previous posts her health had deteriorated and she died one week ago. At this time last week I was with her in the Emergency Room in Jasper, AL not realizing she would pass from this life that evening. I miss her very much as you can well imagine.

Love and memories never die. Though we are in different worlds now, she is close to my heart. She had become homeless in late 2012 and had made much improvement. May we all enjoy our relationships and create our lives for a better existence through our Lord, Jesus.