Sharing Good Ideas

Aug. 25, 2018

Ancient tales with practical application can be told so that even a child can understand how to grow up to be a successful adult. May I share a secret to good writing research? Yes? Ok, keep reading! I promise to be brief about how, "United we stand, divided we fall", can be easily illustrated so anyone can understand.

Aesop, (620-564 BC) whether he was for real or not, is attributed to numerous stories referred to as Aesop's Fables. Good storytelling has always been a great way to influence listeners. The greatest influencers were good storytellers who could move the audience to action for good or bad.

"United we stand, divided we fall" has been attributed to Aesop and illustrated in the tale of the "Lion and the Four Oxen": The hungry lion frequented a field in which four oxen were grazing. The oxen outsmarted the lion by putting their tails together so that their extremities endowed with horns were exposed as a challenge to the lion from whatever direction he may approach. Day after day the poor lion could only anticipate having the oxen for a delicious meal.

Whether the lion eventually outsmarted the oxen or just awaited an opportunity to reach his goal the oxen eventually began quarreling over who knows what! They just went their own way and scattered to different corners of the field. Now a lion being only about a third weight of an ox could attack and kill his prey. So he did! One by one the lion killed off all the oxen and they were no more.

So you've discovered one of my secrets (bonus) to research for good writing...the "children's library". There is where the experts concentrate their wisdom in the easiest to understand language. Now you know the story of how the expression, "United we stand, divided we fall" took a foothold in the archives of human wisdom. The lion's strategy has been used ever since unity was disrupted and numerical strength brought to an end of the "once upon a time" powerful oxen. You also understand how the lion became king.

Satan is like a "roaring lion" and will wait it out until his prey begins quarreling, dividing and dying. That says something about my own spiritual heritage and how success can be shared with those disposed to victory!


Aug. 15, 2018

Considering Elvis' interest and benevolent attitude I'd image he'd be very upset by the story posted earlier, "Patsy's Plight". He would've likely been in sympathy with Patsy losing her home through a series of events beyond her control and far removed from her place of work in Memphis. Hopefully, some of his fans of interest and of means will see her story, come to her aid and help her in her present distress.

Due to her massive heart attack early this year and reasonable concerns for a safe recovery she is in no condition to play her part in this year's Elvis Week at Graceland. Please follow past updates on this site and help our endeavour go viral so that some of her admirers will pick up on her story. We together can have a positive effect on her future. It's worth a try. 

As Elvis is honored in memory and Patsy has such an admiration for a him and love for the thousands of people showing up for the event it would seem strange indeed for her plight not to be recognized. Our prayers are for a positive breakthrough in future events of her life. She deserves far better than the fate she is presently enduring. You may respond on this website for more information in the comment section for a more personal touch. She can also be contacted on her Facebook page. "Thank you very much". 

Aug. 10, 2018

Patsy Andersen-Presley's story has been much a part of this website from the beginning. She was introduced on the "Coming Soon!" page and followed on this page following a massive heart attack earlier this year (click through "Older" at the bottom right of this sub-page to see her progress.

Evidence points to "legal" theft (Or is it illegal???) against her. She is a law-abiding citizen having become victim to some rare twists. The accompanying picture was on her Facebook post last night of her grandchildrens' toys as result of eviction from her home near Memphis, TN. Knowing her as I do there is no question that she is being grossly abused in a corrupt and unjustified series of events. 

Please, join the efforts of her fans to find the right person, persons or entities that has the means of making a positive difference in her plight. You would have a difficult time believing how she has become such a victim as to break under the weight of tremendous pressure to initiate "heart failure". Please join me in continuing to call for God's intervention.

As you may know, Job of the Old Covenant Scriptures was not spared even of heart-rending weight placed on him by God's opponent. It was only after the grueling test seldom if ever faced by a mortal that God stepped in and put an end to his misery with more blessing than ever imagined. In Patsy's case the question is, "Can she even survive the ordeal long enough to see a resolution?".

Wink Martindale of the "Tick Tack Dough" (1978-85) TV show once indicated that Patsy was the best organizer he had ever seen. Such compliment along with her being the sole caregiver to her late father and mother says so much of her character. I've watched her numerous times while shopping engage with her's and Elvis' fans who were poorly dressed engage with them for long periods of time as if their poverty had no ill effect on her vast ability to relate to the "least to the greatest". I doubt that the celebrities who know her are aware of her plight. Can you imagine the embarrassment she is facing? She's a giver, not a beggar!

I envision only a massive viral campaign on Social Media will reach out to the right sources to turn her fate. This story ought to hit the national news! What a story that would make. I'm sure someone would be informed and so touched that her life would be a complete turn-around even worthy of a heart-touching movie subject based on a true story. The legal system has failed her. God, please help us through your loving kindness to bless Patsy beyond our wildest dreams. We thank You through Your Son and Mediator, Jesus. Amen!

(Elvis fans Note: You can scroll for serveral posts on this page by clicking "Older" for Patsy updates on this page as well as the "Coming Soon! page")

Aug. 6, 2018

Memories of this lovely lady are of a comedian star, Lucille Ball in the "I Love Lucy" sitcom. Today marks the date of her birth. Two matters came to mind: One is the common age of 77 so familiar as the age of people close to me in the past. Two is the year of her death, 1989. 

Values passed on beyond her death include though-provoking quotes and films for entertainment especially by those mature enough to remember her in the 1950's and 60's, In September of 2015 it was my privilege to spend several days and nights with Dr. Stanley L Morris, translator of the International English Bible ( where my own schedule conformed to the Morris tradition. Stanley began his work about 3:30 AM. About 9:30 he came into his living room, played the piano and sang while his bride fixed breakfast. While enjoying breakfast I fit into his tradition of watching a re-run of the old "I Love Lucy" shows. Then it was time for a nap around 11 AM, then back to work on his Bible projects, recording etc. Very methodic, structured and disciplined!

Two of my major mentors died the same year as Lucy, Earl Nightingale and Carl Ketcherside. Earl was referred to as the "Dean of Personal Development" and best known for his famous recording, "The Strangest Secret" and was heard on many radio stations throughout the free world. His mentorship continues especially in the realm of growth in the wisdom of man in creating success. Carl, much like Earl's breakthrough came in 1951. Carl was mentor to many in the wisdom of God part of life. The two areas (cumulative wisdom of God and man)though unique fit together like a puzzle to enrich well-rounded enthusiasts.

Thanks are in order for the services of Lucy, Earl and Carl for their services which are much alive beyond their colorful and life-enhancing contributions to make life an adventurous experience.


Aug. 1, 2018

Yesterday I vaguely got wind of a 7 year old boy whose bicycle was stolen. Along with his mother he was able to get the bike back. He made a strange request to his mother: He suggested that he wanted to buy the thief a new bicycle! Not yet successful in tracing or confirming this story it carries an interesting message. 

Dale Carnegie, author of How To Win Friends And Influence People, was outstanding for his views on influencing people even when it meant being unconventional in one's approach. Rarely do we hear about such a unique and radical response as described in our story.

Theft is an intrusion on the rights of all who fall victim. Have you ever experienced the sinking feeling of being victimized and helpless at a thief's plundering your personal property? I have and have known others who helplessly describe the feeling of being separated from irreplacable belongings such as a special item from a deceased relative or identity theft so common today.

Victimization has happened to me more than once. One particular instance was a break-in to my home. Upon experiencing the afterthoughts and processing the next move here is what I decided to do: I sat down with a pen and heavy paper and wrote out something to this effect..."This premise was broken into and goods taken. I wish the one or ones involved the best of success for a good life". "Helplessly", I placed the note in a window for anyone on the premise to see in case there was a revisit. It eventually faded. 

Lesson: If we wish a poor, warped and dementred soul a successful life after such an act a major change will have to take place. My message was to, without offense, redirect the thinking process and hope someone will come along to turn a life around or something happens that will reform the person so as to produce real and lasting success based upon right principles.

I personally know a pulpit minister who's wife was sexually involved with one of the men of the congregation. The violated "minister" gently moved to the front seat where the "intruder" was seated, placed his right arm around him and said, "God knows, you know, I know and ________ knows. You need to make ammends". Eventually, ammends were apparently made with what appeared years later to be a good report on the life of the brother. 

Another case of a perceived "heretic" was reprimanded with agreement to exclude, reject and shame the "wretched" violator of congregational consensus and tradition. The "heretic" kept showing up in corproate meetings expressing no ill will or act as if nothing ever happened. He was congenial and appeared to have no animosity, ill will or spite. In other words, he responded in love regardless!

What do you think of these matters? True love must have motivated such persons who seek to influence and forgive their enemies and trespassers. Is this a sign of weakness or strength in the violated?