Jul. 6, 2022

President Lincoln's Emphasis

One secret not so well known may be one of the most informative for such a time as this. Have you ever read an old poem, book, or document and wondered what the author had in mind, exactly? If we could only hear the writer put the emphasis where he or she meant we would go a long way in understanding the message as intended rather than wondering. One case in point appears in the Book of Acts in the New Covenant Scriptures. The apostle Paul while before king Agrippa heard him say, "Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian." 

What we do not know is whether Agrippa was mocking Paul or sincerely telling him he was about to convert to Christianity. Was he asking a question? We do not know for sure while scholars do not agree on exactly how to interpret Agrippa's statement. 

How would you like to know more about Lincoln's most famous Gettysburg address at the cemetary for soldiers who had died during the Battle of Gettysburg? It's the last line I want to call attention to as likely the most timely portion of the speech. 

Good news! You are going to learn something you never hear. Oh, yes, we memorized it in school, perhaps and got an A for our performance. One thing we all miss is as follows. I've even tried to get the message to President Trump. I did get in touch with a person at Hilsdale College after continually hearing radio advertisement in which the sentence was quoted, but not like the following story says it. I never heard the ad again!

Out of curiosity someone decades ago did a search for someone who heard Lincoln make the speech. Upon being asked about Lincoln's tonality the person said that Lincoln stated it this way, a way we never hear. This is the final seventeen words went, "this government of the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE, and for the PEOPLE." Notice what Face Book refers to as shouting, the word PEOPLE in all capital letters. This emphasis clarifies any wonder. He was emphasising PEOPLE over government. It appears that we've missed the intent today. Let's get the message out. If you want to know more, please respond in the comment section. Wouldn't it be nice to get the message to our rightful President so he could spread Lincoln's message correctly?