Feb. 26, 2021

Woman Power!

Purim (February 25, 26, 2021) is a time of great celebration by Jews as they recall the Old Covenant Scriptures recorded in Esther's Book bearing her name. From the beginning of recorded history, it is obvious that women have had power over men. Mainstream news media keeps reminding us of female influence over men for good or bad. I find it interesting that one man seemed impervious to this fault in a TV series titled Gunsmoke. Marshall Dillon never fell for the temptations no matter what.

Esther, the main character in the story, was a beautiful young Jewish girl. She was chosen because of her beauty and wisdom to become queen to replace Vashti, who had just been dethroned as queen. Oddly, God is not named in the Old Covenant Book of Esther, although His positive activity in human affairs is seen throughout the small book of ten chapters. Other great stories of special women such as Deborah, Ruth, and Hannah testify that God utilizes women of high character to change the world for the better.