Jan. 5, 2021

Memorable Day January 5

Dates have always been a measure of significance in history. Some, like your birth date, is personal. Some are of national significance. This January 5, 2021, is special regarding America's future and the impact will forever be felt by our posterity. America's future is in the balance. Will we cease to be "One Nation Under God" as the framers of the Constitution intended regarding freedom to exercise the God-given blessing of choice? Today is a double whammy. 

National: Senate race in Georgia. I look deeper than the most obvious signaled by a political party. Democrat and Republican are used for quick reference. Basically, I'm neither.  My search is for what is best for my faith, family, and nation. The Senate runoff will determine whether we continue as a free nation or succumb to an oppressive government. 

Personal: loss of a family member. Tara called me on this day at about 4:30 AM to take her to the emergency room for what she thought was a kidney stone. I hurried around not knowing this would be the last day to see her alive.  Since then I did seven short posts. This is the eighth. The accompanying photo was discovered since my last post. Fortunately, my last words to her were, "I love you".