Feb. 23, 2020

Art With Character

Why do some people search for and pay high prices for artwork? There seems to be some character that comes through that cannot be photographed. Of course, some artwork will have value because of the artist, rarity, or one-of-a-kind uniqueness. Indeed there is a place for this. Photographs often capture our interest sufficiently. One day in 1992, my attitude changed upon seeing the accompanying image. You may agree that some artists can bring out character not readily observed in mere photographs. 

This portrait in watercolor motivated wonder in what might be possible with other favorite characters. Recently you may have seen a painting or two of our President along with many political cartoons. Did you know that Rob Pruitt did nearly 3,000 paintings of President Obama, one for each day he was in the Oval Office?

Fast forward by three nearly three decades. I've wondered what would happen if Judson did just one stained glass (his specialty) painting of No. 45. This medium is much rarer and takes much longer to produce. With our President's unusual character and aversion to "political correctness," he is not deterred by advice from his own bride who has been known to question his choice of pictures depicted on his numerous book dustcovers. He chooses one which he thinks best delivers his subject mood. Hint: Successful people are quick to make up their minds and slow to change.