Nov. 28, 2019


Laying aside the myths concerning Thanksgiving, like many events in history, there are some positive things about which we acknowledge. Perhaps, you are one of them. Of course, there's the food, family reunions, and for many, another day off from the work routine. There are three particular matters brought to mind beyond these things worthy of consideration.

1) Recognition of God. Although many do not want to acknowledge God's existence, many do. Some are offended and intend to remove national celebrations because they wish to deny deity. Thanksgiving is a reminder of the faith of those historically connected to the festival. For the most part, the founders of our nation had no problem with the idea of "one nation under God."

2) Time of unifying differences. Some have suggested that Native Americans, along with some of the pilgrims, celebrated harvest together. It is interesting how celebrations can bring people together who have common interests in spite of their differences. 

3) Freedom from religious oppression. Some of the people coming to America did so to escape persecution by the institutional religious establishment. People of integrity and faith desired a clear conscience without the interference of overreaching spiritual ambitions. 

We have much for which to be thankful. Happy Thanksgiving!