Sep. 29, 2019

Educational Extremes

What an eye-opening eventful week it has been! By having a background in elementary education, my attention is being focused on a severe issue involving a sixteen-year-old girl being abused and used for political purposes. There are two philosophies at work in the field of academic education. Significant interest in homeschooling has risen in the last few years. It seems that those who love America are realizing that we, as parents and educators are going to have to take charge of our futures. 

Have you seen Greta Thunberg on youtube? Take a few moments and watch the melt-down based on a hoax and tell me that this child is not being abused and used by political elites who will stop at nothing to destroy our country. As always, they use illegal euphemisms to entrap the vulnerable. I have known for decades that the academies are casting a dark shadow over what used to be a positive ideology. Too much focus is on teaching people what to think rather than how to think for themselves. Giving young students roots and wings to navigate the landscape of life may be the best we can do for them.

While some educators are worthy of praise, there are others subjecting students from kindergarten to doctorate degrees to a myth that has divided our country and led us toward socialism and globalism. Traditionally, students had hope of a positive future. Now many are being scared to death, and in some cases literally. Is there hope?

Evidence is abundant that the founding fathers of this great nation had faith in a Higher Power. Several decades have been spent in an effort by some toward a Godless society. Just what if this little girl had been reared to read the Bible? Genesis 8:22 flat-out denies the effects of "Climate Change!" So why is this girl being abused by the news media and a global government agenda? Billions, maybe trillions of dollars and political power lie at the root.

The strong and resolute have a choice. Let's pass on hope rather than fear for our children. That, my friend, may well be determined at the polling booth.