Sep. 19, 2019


She had plans for this day, but time was cut short. It was a beautiful day on September 19, 1972, that Tara was born in the boot hill of Missouri. From infanthood to old age, one thing we all have in common is a recall of one special day each year we'd better not forget. Tara always wanted to be remembered on this particular date. She had not yet reached 45 but had anticipated this day for months with plans and hope. 

While death is an appointment, all must eventually face, we can celebrate life while we live. One of the saddest realities is that once the bar is crossed, only memories remain for there is no turning back. The accompanying photo was taken about six months after tragedy met rescue. She had come from homelessness to medical care demanding 15 prescriptions per month. The difference was remarkable. Health challenges became unbearable before being released from the dreaded anticipation of numerous back surgeries. 

Whether her death was hastened by mental anguish remains only in the survivors' imagination. While life is forgiving, death is not. My last words to my daughter were, "I love you." These are words which leave no regrets just in case they are the last to a friend or foe. So love, and kindness should be our goal in all our relationships. May we be reunited in the great beyond! Tara, you are remembered for all your blessings while you were with us who remain. For us, the best advice is that to honor the dead, serve the living.