Sep. 4, 2019

"Hello, Americans..."

The human voice can be one of the sweetest sounds welcomed by receptive ears. The fact is especially true when the message profoundly alters the direction of our lives, continually corrects our course, and motivates us to be our best. From my teenage years, no one has consistently supplied all the above qualities like Paul Harvey. Being focused on studies in Florence, Alabama, (now UNA) in the late 1960s, I missed my best opportunity to see and hear him in person. He has appeared in a dream or two. But, I hope to meet him in heaven!

Perhaps you have heard his story about his "submitting to God." At the height of his career in Chicago, he along with his bride, Lynn ("Angel", pet name) took a vacation to Arizona. On Sunday morning, they drove up a mountain to visit a small ("a dozen or so worshippers") congregation. The "country preacher" offered to assist anyone who wanted to "be baptized." Paul came forward in response to childhood exposure to John 3:16 and later in life, John 14:15. 

Harvey is a hero who deserves emulation: Married to the same woman till death did them part. Humility, as in the above account. Disciplined, focused, loved, and friend to mainline America. He was dedicated to God, outspoken, and not ashamed.

Fortunately, we can still listen to many recordings like, "The Bird Cage," "So God Made a Farmer," "If I Were the Devil," "A Letter From God." So, on this day September 4, 1918, God blessed us with the birth of a great example in a man who was destined to influence millions to count their blessings, set an example of humble submission to the Creator and show how modern communication can be a real asset.