Aug. 25, 2019


Life is so precious while it is so easy to take for granted. You may be aware that my daughter, Tara, died early this year on January 5, 2019. She had mentioned numerous times that she believed I would outlive her. We often do not listen to off-the-cuff statements. They come back sometimes to haunt us. 

My sister sent this picture to me several weeks ago, suggesting she wanted it placed on Tara's tombstone. As I reflected on the past, it occurred to me how life contains many surprises, coincidences, and wonders. This picture was taken within a square yard of where I first met her mother in June of 1963. Had I been able to visualize the future, I wonder how wise I'd have been in playing my part in history. With such impossibility one lesson we might learn. Make the most of life while the opportunity is present. Within two months, one of my best friends, Patsy Andersen-Presley, lost her youngest son, Dustin. You may recall several previous posts concerning her on this website.

Regardless of how many times we meet and greet survivors of the one-way street of death, no words have been discovered to satisfy our wishes. The only way to fully be relevant and honor the dead is to serve the living with our best. That will be the criteria of final judgment.