Jul. 7, 2019

Recent Discovery

After posting an ad on my Maxous account a few days ago, a great discovery was made which should pique your interest. You may have noticed on this website a link to the website wwww.earlnightingale.com on the "Coming Soon" page. The ad contained a picture of the rare Winners Notebook for which interested persons might search for availability by contacting the site. The discovery was a real bonus for those who are interested in having great and productive ideas sent to their inbox by subscribing to "Earl's Daily Secrets" if you submit your name and email address.

Earl's widow, Diana, continues the legacy of the "Dean of Personal Development." Most people I meet who hear the name, Earl Nightingale, have stored in their memory a familiarity with the name and exposure to some of the over 7000 short radio programs syndicated across America and other free Countries before 1989. Although his voice had a huge impact, just reading the short scripts adds another dimension to learning and meditating on ideas to make us come alive in our "holiday on earth" as Earl calls it. 

Availability of the unique book pictured in the ad is not yet clear as it is not advertised on the site. By contacting and conversing with Diana, I was able to purchase a few copies several years ago. Not all goodies are natural finds because of limited supply.

By all means, check out the site for some of the best writings for free pearls of wisdom.