Jul. 1, 2019

Long Life

Today is the 103rd birthday anniversary for Olivia DeHavilland, actress, as Melanie Wilkes in the movie, "Gone With the Wind." Do lengths of life strike your curiosity as to why there is so much disparity in the duration of lives between relatives, acquaintances, and favorite actors? Some die young. Others live in the median while others baffle our imaginations. This day's post calls into question, "How is it that some live so far beyond life expectancy."

Several years ago, I read a book which discusses the mystery of why the life expectancy of around a hundred years is typical. Such matters as diet, exercise, and social activities play a significant part. Genetics also play a role. All ages can feed off each others' offerings and strengths regardless of age differences. 

Do you find it interesting, as I do how that time plays such a significant role in the physical appearance of people? Talking with the elderly can be enhanced by pictures of the younger years. Photography is made much more possible today with modern technology. I know from experience that images can help remember the good times when a loved one has died. Other famous actors who lived to 100 are Bob Hope, George Burns, and Kirk Douglas. Maybe we could learn from them and more personally with someone close to us.

Congratulations to Olivia and her friends and relatives. Remember the good times and savor the moments. By all means, let's spend quality time with others to enhance life for everyone. Count yourself fortunate if you have a centenarian in the family or list of friends.