Jun. 20, 2019

Makings of Greatness

"Limitations have always been the best friends of architecture." So said, "the Dean of Personal Development," Earl Nightingale. How could that be? Simply this. Per capita, the large cities are limited by ground surface area, which gives rise to the upward design of the skyscrapers. Homesteaders are not so pressured to build high because of an abundance of ground area. 

The stress of thinking our way to excellence allows our minds to become our friend in serving humanity. If we desire more out of life, all we have to do is increase our service either by quantity or quality and preferably both. If for example, we wish for more money, the key is to provide more assistance or a higher quality of service. Everything we earn is from the services (or products) we provide. Want more? Serve more to increase our value.

Accompanying this post is a picture of an artist few in modern times can match in his area of interest. Type "Judson Portzer" into your browser if you are a connoisseur of fine art. I've followed Judson's work for most of his life. What makes his work unique is the power of drive and focus combined with a river of interest and natural talent. If you ever got in a conversation with him one secret he might reveal. He would tell you that he feels as though he should have lived in the period of the Renaissance. Can you explain why? 

Stained glass the old-timey way is quite rare in comparison to computer-generated artwork of today. He has a passion for putting himself into his work as artists have done during a period of long ago. Producing such original and enduring specimens is not cheap and takes time which we seem to have in limited supply. We all may like to get our money's worth, but most settle for economy over uniqueness and rarity. That necessitates the utilization of modern techniques. It's called production. However, If you want one-of-a-kind and something unique and tailored just for you in the old genre, expect to pay more. Today we do like to have something unique that no one else has. It gives us a sense of satisfaction. (to be continued)