May. 12, 2019

Rollingstone Arrival

We finally arrived at the new location near Winona, MN for another chapter in the life of a great artist, Judson Portzer. If you haven't already, check out his work by simply typing his name in your engine search browser. You'll be amazed and perhaps understand why one of the oldest stained glass art companies desired to consult with him. This was a 1000 mile move and I volunteered to drive the truck having been licensed with a CDL authorization. Great memories in spite of loading challenges but I'd do it again. I often said that I'd rather drive a good truck than a luxury car. They're nice. The rental version evidently had a smaller engine but the trip went well, thanks to the fine equipment of Penske Truck Leasing.

The arrival was on Friday, April 19th with my car in tow for the return home. I spotted a small restaurant which can be spotted to the right of the telephone pole in the attached photo. There is something nostalgic about small quiet towns. I do not think there was a single traffic light. I plan to post some more pictures shortly to whet the appetite of some who might like to visit the nearby town of Winona with around 27,000 population. Rollingstone had a population of 660 according to the 2014 census.

(To be continued)