Apr. 25, 2019

Minnesota Move Mission Accomplished

Artists and writers can do their work from just about any geographical location. Count yourself fortunate if you can earn your living from home if that's what you desire. 

Just a few months ago Judson Portzer decided to respond to the request of a person working for Willet Hauser Architectural Glass in Winona, MN. He decided to locate nearby in Rollingstone, an impressive little town for scenery, location, and quietness. He begins work with this studio, one of the oldest and largest stained glass studios in North America. Judson's passion for his excellent work overrode any inhibitions and with such commitment, I offered my services to help him make the move possible. 

For about a month plans were in the making to work with Penske Truck Leasing which turned out to be a success. Leaving Birmingham, AL about 4:00 PM on Tuesday, April 16th with my trailered RAV4 in tow for my return trip was a success (after much strenuous activity) on Tuesday, April 23. I've often stated that I'd rather drive a good truck more than a luxury car. Thanks to Penske, Maxous, (a business platform providing many advertising and discount opportunities saving over $130 for rental open for anyone to join for free) and all the fine help of willing associates to make the move a success.

The picture attached is one sample of Judson's fine stained glass samples. I'll be adding more details shortly. Well, after getting my phone fixed so I can post some pictures on this website.