Apr. 16, 2019

Wood Post

Wood is an excellent structural material that has been in use to make life more livable as long as humans inhabited the earth. It is used for energy production, such as heating homes. It is used to flavor BBQ. It has aesthetic value so pleasing to the eye. Several years ago, an article appeared in a woodworking magazine entitled, "Lusting for Lumber." Can you think of a single person who has not some like for wood? 

Time was right about two weeks ago to visit Hobby Hardwood, Alabama. You can immediately understand why people like to visit the place. One outstanding feature welcoming your presence is the apparent interest the owners, Robert, and Martha Milton have for visitors and clients. You'll want to visit again and again if you are interested in high quality and varieties.

You will be impressed simply by visiting the Hobby Hardwood Alabama website when you read about some unique features and why the operation is so unique. Like all competent professionals, the passion for excellent service is evident. Read why they are open on weekends. They are busy during the week preparing for the big day. It is impressive to see the difference in business as usual and a dedicated company producing the most excellent products. There is an apparent difference between hired hands and owners who have a passion for their wares. 

You may recall several months ago on this website (Oct 18, 2018, Excited About Stone) that customer service can get one excited even about gravel, not only for its use but also for the enthusiasm of the professionals on the premise to make clients happy. Attitude is contagious.

By all means, visit Robert and Martha's enterprise and share your experience. You'll want to go back too when in the Huntsville, AL and southern TN area. I'm already thinking about another excuse to go back for some more lest I miss something. The depth and variation of color in the particular cedar, as seen in the attached photograph, is only an example of the high quality and special handling prepared for your excellent taste.