Apr. 9, 2019


Self-help isn't something to be ashamed of as if in seeking it we defend our weaknesses. We would do well to be conscious of our limitations while understanding that our potential has not been reached...and never will. If we would be better today than we were yesterday we are on a healthy journey in the adventure of life. Perhaps tomorrow we will be better than today. Constant and never-ending improvement (CANI, Anthony Robbins phrase) is the healthiest way to go if we want to get the most out of life. 

How often have we attended a celebration of life at the departure of a loved one? It is then that many of us wish we had not left association with the departed undone. Such events motivate us to renew our drive to "give flowers while we live". It is at such events that our feeling of failure or neglect kicks in. We only wish we could recall the times when the deceased were alive again so we could have a new perspective upon which to act and have the good pleasure of benefitting from the association.  

W. Clement Stone's first listing for success is to "do it now". Such advice should be understood within the context of rationality. If, for example, if you want to buy a new car certain financial considerations must be arranged in advance. You may not buy it now but you can begin acting in the direction of such a goal immediately with a deliberate decision and continue with necessary steps to bring about your desire. The philosophy of "do it now" is definitely a good one. It's the concept of overcoming procrastination and moving toward the goal.

Successful people develop the habit of instant action and resolve when presented with an opportunity. It's an art and can be improved upon with practice. Goethe, German statesman and novelist said, "What you can do or dream you can, begin it; boldness has genius, power, and magic in it". He was suggesting that once a person sets his or her mind with iron-clad resolve to do a thing that even a Higher Power in the universe comes to their aid.

If we really intend to do a thing, visiting a person, building a relationship, or whatever our wish may be, don't put it off for time is fleeting and life uncertain. Do it. Begin it now.