Apr. 2, 2019

Financial Legacy

Nelson Nash pictured in the accompanying photograph with his bride, Mary, and my financial adviser just passed from this life recently. I take every opportunity to share the infinite banking concept with acquaintances because as we age financial risks need to become smaller because of time for recovery in the roller-coaster stock market becomes more limited. For those who desire certainty the Bank on Yourself strategy is the best choice for growing wealth with less risk.

While working in Birmingham, AL I'd often listen to radio talk shows as a great learning experience. I kept hearing an advertisement about a book by the above title authored by Pamela Yellen. She was inspired by Nelson to build the company described in the book after being exposed to his research. I was maximizing the 401k plan offered by my employer. Upon reading the book it became clear that there is something better than the government plan started by Ted Benna, "Father of the 401(k) Plan". He admits to creating "a monster that should be blown up" and started putting most of his money in the 501(k), a "Bank on Yourself" type plan for retirement and a host of other benefits.

Jim Conrad can be reached at www.findoutmorenow.com by submitting the 4 digit code JC35 (Passcode you were provided"). Do you really think that settlers in the old west really shouted, "gold", "gold", "I found gold" upon discovering the precious metal? I don't! If you purchase a copy of Bank on Yourself and read it carefully you'll understand why the advisers like Jim do not press for a "hard sell". They stay busy with fortunate and wise people who find them. Sometimes the best things in life are not known by the masses. By all means, click on the website above to begin an exciting adventure.