Feb. 27, 2019

Border Crisis

Borders of some sort are desired by everyone whether for security, safety, or privacy to the extent that politics need not overrule good judgment. It's a matter of "common sense" and honesty. 

Controversy rages continually over a duly elected President to the extent that opposition is off the charts like our Country has never seen before. Yes, I'm concerned about the future. All the wisdom of the ages from the greatest minds is on the side of sanity and good sense. It is appalling that hate continues to be the factor upon which losers pitch their fits. At least there should be a balance between reason and emotion. 

It is on record that leaders of our Country have addressed the issue of open and closed borders. Historically, nations have always had borders to protect themselves. It's as natural as having locks and keys to private property. There is no such thing as perfect security. So we should use our better judgment when considering a reasonable degree of security.

Past Presidents have well recognized the need to face the admitted crisis of open borders. Why has the admitted crisis become so controversial in the past few months? The truth never changes. The attached image is a reasonable, sensible, and glowing example of the simplicity of the issue. Yet there is an underlying wave of destructive ideology that threatens our way of life in the present controversy. When hate for a person so dedicated to preserving the freedoms our Country has enjoyed for decades it is time we consider what our children and grandchildren are going to face in the future. 

I recall the time when children could look to adults for wisdom and a great head-start for coping with challenges in life they will surely face. It's been said that "we deserve what we get". I, for one, believe our children deserve better examples of leadership than that we are seeing from all who have changed their minds on the facts. All who have been personally impacted by the open-door policy whether by drugs, deaths, and disease understand that we are in a crisis while leaders have their own borders built-in. Unless we see a radical change we are headed for the cliff for which there is no rescue.