Jan. 11, 2019

Defensive Driving

Smith was the surname of a driver training instructor in the 1950's. The five-item list for defensive driving was reputed to be so complete that improvement could not be made.

This is not the only time such a common name is credited for innovation. Fred Smith built FedEx. Adam Smith, economist and philosopher wrote "The Wealth of Nations". Joseph Smith founded Mormonism. Never underestimate what a person with a common name might do. Harold Smith created the Smith System in 1948 and established a driver-training institute in 1952. Although professional in scope the same system should be memorized and taught to every driver on the road. I once won a speech contest about this system. 

If there was ever a secret to avoiding accidents and saving lives on the road this is it:

1 Aim high in steering.

2 Keep your eyes moving.

3 Get the big picture.

4 Leave yourself an out.

5 Make sure others see you.

Parents, grandparents, and anyone responsible for a youngster's learning to drive should teach this system. That will relieve much stress if adhered to. Sometimes we get the wrong picture. The driver in the accompanying photo is what? Get the big picture! See the driver in the white car?

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