Jan. 9, 2019

Tara's Final Tribute

Tara was one unique person who knew at an early age what she wanted her life's career to be. She had great satisfaction in making others feel good about themselves. She decided at a very early age to be a cosmetologist. Winning a scholarship she went to a college of cosmetology in Tuscaloosa AL and was a real Alabama fan! She got her degree and did her job with passion. Her skill was outstanding! She even gave me a "working over" from what you see on my "Home Page". She thought I "looked like a televangelist". She did the "mod squad" update, as I call it and I began to get many compliments!

Old habits are hard to break...but now will I be faithful to her hair-style wisdom? I'm going to try out of love and respect for her.

Pictured above is such a lovely sleeping face about 2 months before her granddad died. You see, I had become a sole caregiver (for months in turn with other family members) and she was my helper with dad's dementia. I caught her sleeping on the couch near dad's bed and just had to get a snapshot. Beautiful! This picture is symbolic of the rest after today's celebration of her life before entering the land of no more pain and sorrow. 

She is going to be sorely missed, as you can imagine. She had often said that I would outlive her. Although I had spent the first part of the day with her on the day of her death and mostly in ER she was in pain all day. My sister, a nurse, was on call and at home on Saturday and frequently checked on her. She died in her sleep with no known struggle. We hope that she will rise to live eternally in heaven. Today is the day that we lay her body to rest in the family cemetery within a few steps from her grandparents' graves and homesite. So she will always be close in proximity and will be conveniently visited by my sister and me. Tears, emotions, and many happy memories...

Lord help us all to be forever in Your divine presence, Thank You for Your sharing Tara with us for a brief 44 years. Amen! Thanks to one man, the Son of God who came to earth to save the world! We too have the choice to embrace the greatest gift the world has ever known by adequately responding to the gospel of God.s Anointed Who has removed the fear of death for those who so choose.