Jan. 8, 2019

Tara Post 3

Tomorrow is the big day for saying goodbye to my lovely daughter, Tara. 

Jesus the Anointed of God is our only hope for the eternal life of bliss beyond the grave.

Passion for spiritual matters beyond the physical and uncertain world occupied much of our conversations in our many hours together. No longer will she have to be bored with my speeches. She loved her dad and I sought to calm her when she talked violence toward those who criticized me. It isn't easy to live around someone you love who is considered a black sheep. I often reminded her that some special people attract the ire of critics and that we must show love for our enemies and have the spirit of forgiveness.

Tara was not only a beloved daughter but a best friend as well. Tara, you will be sorely missed leaving a massive void in my life.

May we all learn to count our blessings while we have them rather than bemoan our woes when they come to an end. We indeed are venturing sojourners on the planet for a short time in anticipation of the better world.