Dec. 25, 2018

Christmas 2018

You can think of many great things at Christmas time which brings joy to you and yours. If we can get beyond myths surrounding this subject such as the day of Jesus the Christ's birth and the notion that Christ is His surname we can think of many positives. I know accuracy sounds odd and maybe a bit troubling. There's still much joy this time of the year. Thoughts and experiences help us reflect on the last page of our yearly history and move us to anticipate another year to improve our service to humankind.

Christmas cheer touches the hearts of most of us. Whether you're one to celebrate or just find quiet joy in deep thought and thanks this time of year can be refreshing and a launch pad for great moral destinations. Also, it is a time of sadness for those of us who are spending time without our loved ones who've departed the planet. Christmas just isn't the same without the one or ones we mutually loved. We can, however, learn to move on anyway just like they'd want us to do. We are reminded to be thankful for the blessing of time and life we were granted while they lived. 

Lists of deeds, one list for each of us would be different as are two identical. Why not make a list before the new year of nice things to make life better? Albert Einstein, when asked many years ago, "What is man's purpose", responded, "To serve other men only". I'm sure he was not being gender biased in his response. I thought about it for several years then it dawned upon me that he was saying something to which Jesus referred to in (Matthew 25:31ff) regarding what we ought to absorb. Jesus, the most excellent teacher who ever lived was referring primarily to the same set of services... the treatment of others, service to humankind is what we will face in the great by and by. The Christ said that the treatment of people is in effect treatment of Him! 

Bible reader, go to the Scripture above and note that as the Creator always expected of His family, "...what doth the Lord do justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with thy God?" (Micah 6:8). Make your unique list. Connect the two messages. That's the message of which Christmas reminds us, spawning giving, laughter, kindness, and love. Jesus gave us the greatest gift of all. That gift of Himself to stand before His Father of giving us, His redeemed, eternal forgiveness, eternal life which we could never earn. Because of that gift we turn and gift others because of our love for God, others and ourselves. That's our responsibility, our service, our life, our joy.