Dec. 6, 2018

Border Protection

Security has been an issue all our lives. Even before birth, there is a kind of security for the unborn. One only has to see nature films of animal rivalry to see that victims of predators are not safe when attacked. What parents who love their children would not want them protected from danger? When we sleep we lose consciousness and wisely secure our doors for protection in a hostile world.

Those of us who "remember the good old days" could hardly imagine that controversy would rise over a subject like security. World War II was America's response to an enemy attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The twin towers disaster remains in recent memory as only another reminder of danger from which we'd like to understand and prevent. 

As long as history has been recorded borders were built for the protection of cities and countries around the world. Who would have expected a few decades ago that there would be internal strife in America over whether or not this great Country should have a wall of protection? Leaders in high places are protected from dangers lurking from people who pose a threat to their security. Why shouldn't we all have protection? Attacks on innocents are in the news daily.

If we are to survive as a Nation our protection from aggressors, diseases, drugs, and crimes is a real issue. I think it would be great to post a picture of a completed wall of protection soon. I'm convinced that we have a President who would do a splendid job as a successful builder. America proves every day that compassion is present when disaster strikes. If we are going to survive and be able to enrich the world with our abundance we must survive for we cannot give what we do not have. We cannot ensure security for the vulnerable if we do not first have it to give. If indeed we are good people we need to "build the wall" so others will continue to benefit from our generosity. 

We do not like the controversy, expense, and stress of convincing others of our good intentions. Yet, a study of history will reveal that those of us who want protection must face the issue with from strength and sound judgment.