Nov. 6, 2018

America in the Balance

Creatures haven't the capacity to fully comprehend their Creator. To this, we can all agree. None of us fully understand the future. At best we can use our minds to make the best of opportunity to create our future. 

For the past two years, America has witnessed a rather unusual degree of division, anger, and unrest. Again and again, I wonder about our Nation's future. What are adults teaching our children? What are educational institutions manufacturing and educators producing? Do we want to live in a world where the young are continually observing adults conducting themselves worse than juveniles with severe behavioral problems? 

America is in deep trouble as can be observed against history. While each of us may think, "this election is the most important one ever" it is indeed vital  Are you aware that there is an undercurrent made public to destroy our way of life as a sovereign Nation? 

Bible accounts of nations being destroyed because of "wickedness" is well known. Framers of our Constitution recognized a Higher Power and treatment of people as very basic to a strong Country if freedom is to be expressed and enjoyed by everyone. There was a good and fundamental reason for the creation and enforcement of our Constitution. 

Realizing the apparent respect for God by those who dreamed of freedom from persecution and ill will of oppressive governments one might ask how does the Creator see this "One Nation Under God". Will we continue or will we fall like great nations in history? 

Consider the accompanying picture. Did God choose to give us another chance to interrupt our apparent decline? Many prayers have ascended by those who love our Nation, our children, and our God. The "50 billion dollar man", Dan Pena predicted that if Trump became president he would "rock the planet". We're seeing what that looks like.

Considering that Trump seemed to never be anxious to step away from his career to strive for the presidency he was on point to step up to the task of preserving the American dream. I think God's hand has been on Trump for decades. There was no more a timely and better choice for a person up to the task of "draining the swamp" to "make America great again". Let's embrace our best human answer to the task. God sees when no human can the potential of what one person can do at a strategic time. The choice is ours. Do we want America as we know it destroyed or do we want to continue embracing our ideals? 

Jesus stepped down from heaven to save the world. Trump stepped down from an opulent lifestyle to save our Country. Both were persecuted, resisted, hated, yet empowered. Give both a chance in their respective realms of purpose.