Oct. 18, 2018

Excited About Stone

Imagine a codger like me getting excited about stone, sand, and gravel! It's been said that "every man likes to be a kid again when he can get away with it". There's more to it than a mere rock!

Having purchased a load of gravel for my brother, Giles' driveway over the weekend from my friend who's in the hauling business it dawned on me that there is a big business in Birmingham, AL which seemed to be thriving. I called Wade Sand & Gravel, left a message and got a call-back the next morning. I decided to drive my dump truck to the site and have my brother along for another load of driveway base. Upon arrival almost an hour early we noticed a line of trucks ready for the action to begin. We parked in front of the office and kicked around until opening time in the pleasant coolness on Tuesday morning.

Courtesy and anticipation of our find made for a pleasant day. It was like another world and a truckload of treasure. Everyone was so lovely and helpful! I wish I had the names of all to all the people we met so I could help make their day with sincere gratitude.

There are lessons in all this. Stone has tremendous value to humankind as a primary material for housing, transportation, and beauty. Even diamonds are stones! Beyond all this was the feeling of respect for the consumers. With such a pleasant experience I want to go back and do business with the fine folks at Wade Sand and Gravel...so I'll be looking for "excuses". Thanks to all for contributing to our day! Never forget the value of the stone and all the smiles of people just doing their job of making the clients happy! I think this Company is an excellent example of what business should look like...courteous service forever carved in stone. It feels good to sink money into something so "permanent" with the memorable experience to boot!

Yes, I get excited about the stone and doing business with people who stake even their livelihood and reputation upon a family name and tradition.

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