Oct. 9, 2018

Hurricane Michael

No, please not that! We get tired of hearing about natural disasters, the devastation, loss of life and property. They never end. After a massive tornado sweeping through the south in at least 2 states in 2011, a radio personality stated that the only place the people affected could have been safe is "underground". Sad thought? I fell for the idea immediately and for good reason! In about the mid-1970's a cousin of mine mentioned the idea of underground or earth-sheltered housing. I've since discovered such terms as lifetime design and universal housing. Upon research, these were not referring to earth-sheltered design. Earth-sheltering is just another step in the right direction at least for added benefits like burglaries, heating, and cooling etc. Yes, houses can be built above ground to withstand most of mother nature's blows. Ever heard of a skyscraper destroyed by natural disasters? Surpassing all designs is the subterranean culture from my viewpoint which can be practically done by average income people. 

To appease the ladies, it would need not be claustrophobic but appealing to the eye and pleasurable to the senses. Plenty of light must abound to please the moods of many. All of this is easily accommodated with proper planning. Unfortunately, getting a loan for such is not so easy if possible at all. 

I have a plan. Hopefully, I can share it with you later. In the meantime, Hurricane Michael is expected to deliver a devastating blow to many people in the next few hours in the Southeastern US. Just a few days ago I discovered a quote, "The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago". Well, the next best thing would be to plant one tomorrow or ASAP. Even so, the best time to work with or beat mother nature at her game is before she delivers her terror. 

In 2006 my late bride, Brenda and I designed an absolute "knockout" design that would meet all criteria for the ideal subterranean design for aesthetics, function, and successful promotion. I had a blueprint drawn up. I love to share information for free on my 40+ years experience with this idea. See earlier posts on this website as well as the accompanying photo found online and see if the concept whets your appetite. Let's start a conversation! My experience is life-saving for many losses.

Ok, so my choice of an accompanying photo is an overkill. This is too fancy for me but I wanted to show some possibility if you want a mansion secured by mother nature to show off to your wealthy friends. My plan is much simpler, roomy, one-level and with all the amenities for existence on the planet until a ripe old age as I bow out. The possibilities are endless. Yet, there are a few keys you must use to successfully build a natural disaster-defying masterpiece. I share these goodies unlike Colonel Sanders sharing his recipe with the general public. I'm excited to share (for free) information to make your dream come true and help with any drawbacks your spouse may have! Try me!

The subterranean housing structure adequately constructed carries the security and permanence of stone cuddled by mother earth...defying natural disasters. Fantastic for your irreplaceable assets!