Sep. 8, 2018

Rich DeVos

Approximately 2:00AM on November 23, 2016 I woke from sleep with a particularly interesting mentor on my mind. Beginning that year some events captured enough attention that my Twitter experience came alive with serious purpose. A famous speech was delivered to a large group of "Junior Achievers" in 1967 entitled, "Selling America". It was a monumental speech on helping people the American way. I began searching for a recording of the speech, found it and posted it to Twitter.

About 2500 young people got to hear in simple language why capitalism is better than socialism. Oh, how we need the message spread to todays millennials! Richard M. DeVos' speech was one of the best education lessons his young audience ever heard on why our Country is the greatest in the world. 

Within a few hours after making my post I heard the word DeVos on the radio. Then it happened on the next news cast. President elect, Donald J Trump had selected Betsy DeVos, daughter-in-law to Rich as Secretary of Education. It was obvious that with such a name and relationship Trump was moving in the right direction.

On September 6, 2018 America lost a great leader. Rich DeVos, WWII veteran, multi-billionaire and owner of Orlando Magic died at the age of 92. Fortunately, recordings and books live on for our education and entertainment. Every child should have one opportunity to hear "Selling America".

Revell Publishing Company wanted to find some way to promote this great Country many years ago. Someone who had heard Rich's inspiring American ideas answered the call to find a person who could put our uniqueness before the reading public. The company chose Dr. Charles Paul Conn author of The New Johnny Cash (Sep. 12 post) to follow through on the task. Reluctantly, Conn conceded and concluded that no one could surpass the principles, communication and integrity of Rich DeVos to satisfy Revell's longings. To this day no better speech has been delivered to teach the youngest to the eldest how and why America is unsurpassed in providing the best opportunity for people to "reach for the stars" in this journey, called life.

Sympathy and well wishes go to the DeVos family with a sincere thank you, Rich and all your great educational moments for making America great. Our honor is to serve those still living to further your never-ending contributions to success for now and eternity.

Remember that true wealth is based on integrity and a solid base of service to others. Rich lived out his father's deathbed sentiments. "Whatever you do son, do it right". We need not fear wealth in the hands of a person of integrity. Great harm is done with wealth in the wrong hands. (Look for Winston Churchill's take on Socialism to which Rich referred in "Selling America" in an upcoming blog on this site.)