Sep. 7, 2018

Joy of Service

Service may not seem like a very endearing subject on the surface. If you consider its value it's a different story altogether. The commodity of money as a medium of exchange for what we need and want is directly related to it. Every penny you earn is in some way related to service. If we want more we must increase our service. Also if we want more out of life we must improve and/or continue and improve our service. 

Rabindrananth Tagore, the world-famed Calcutta poet along with many other wise persons knew this service secret to life. Each one presented the same truth in their own words. Einstein stated that man's purpose is, "to serve other men only". Jesus indicated that service to others is the issue upon which the great separation ultimately takes place (cf Matthew 25:31ff)

Today marks the 1941 anniversary of the death of Tagore just a few months before Pearl Harbor catapulted us into WWII as 2,403 Service men lost their lives in the surprise Japanese attack.

Service is the measure by which a person leaves the planet in death. Dr. Arnold Hutschnecker devotes one chapter in his book, The Will to Live, to the notion that a person dies when he or she wants to die. That of course, is with the assumption of dying naturally as opposed to accident or disease. The theory is that when a person can no longer serve he or she has no more reason to remain on the planet. 

Joy is in living and serving. Serving is our duty. Serving is Joy. With that attitude life is worth living. It becomes clear that each of us should find our place of service and freely express ourselves. That's what life is about. Understanding this, consider what damage to another one may inflict by blocking others' service thereby stealing their joy. Now you have an idea as to why this website was I want to live.