Sep. 1, 2018

Change Capacity

Persons wise and educated are familiar with the "constant in nature", change. Change is very much a phenomenon to affect success in life. Resisting change can be devastating because like gravity it has to be dealt with. It is there, very real and something we have no control over. At best we should adjust to it.

Alvin Toffler of Future Shock fame, as a futurist, envisioned the challenge facing baby boomers as the age of computer technology develops and stares us in the face. Knowing about this evolution should be first recognized and then methodically met with a positive attitude of willingness to learn. He stated, "The illiterate of the future are not those who can't read or write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn". 

Rudy Giuliani also stated something to the effect that, "the computer is as important today as reading and writing was when I was a child". Both of these observations should impact our attitude toward making positive changes as we navigate life with success.

Change on a personal level certainly takes courage with discipline. Forcing change on others should be met with caution and understanding. Take a look at the quote pictured in this post. In navigating life it is essential for well-being that we work with human nature to adjust ourselves and be patient and civil with fellow humans facing similar struggles. 

If we would work with others we must understand human nature and we will be admired for our wisdom and mercy on the stage of life as we serve. To effectively work with people we will take into account their capacity at any given time so as not to violate them.