Aug. 25, 2018

King Lion

Ancient tales with practical application can be told so that even a child can understand how to grow up to be a successful adult. May I share a secret to good writing research? Yes? Ok, keep reading! I promise to be brief about how, "United we stand, divided we fall", can be easily illustrated so anyone can understand.

Aesop, (620-564 BC) whether he was for real or not, is attributed to numerous stories referred to as Aesop's Fables. Good storytelling has always been a great way to influence listeners. The greatest influencers were good storytellers who could move the audience to action for good or bad.

"United we stand, divided we fall" has been attributed to Aesop and illustrated in the tale of the "Lion and the Four Oxen": The hungry lion frequented a field in which four oxen were grazing. The oxen outsmarted the lion by putting their tails together so that their extremities endowed with horns were exposed as a challenge to the lion from whatever direction he may approach. Day after day the poor lion could only anticipate having the oxen for a delicious meal.

Whether the lion eventually outsmarted the oxen or just awaited an opportunity to reach his goal the oxen eventually began quarreling over who knows what! They just went their own way and scattered to different corners of the field. Now a lion being only about a third weight of an ox could attack and kill his prey. So he did! One by one the lion killed off all the oxen and they were no more.

So you've discovered one of my secrets (bonus) to research for good writing...the "children's library". There is where the experts concentrate their wisdom in the easiest to understand language. Now you know the story of how the expression, "United we stand, divided we fall" took a foothold in the archives of human wisdom. The lion's strategy has been used ever since unity was disrupted and numerical strength brought to an end of the "once upon a time" powerful oxen. You also understand how the lion became king.

Satan is like a "roaring lion" and will wait it out until his prey begins quarreling, dividing and dying. That says something about my own spiritual heritage and how success can be shared with those disposed to victory!