Aug. 15, 2018

Elvis Week 2018

Considering Elvis' interest and benevolent attitude I'd image he'd be very upset by the story posted earlier, "Patsy's Plight". He would've likely been in sympathy with Patsy losing her home through a series of events beyond her control and far removed from her place of work in Memphis. Hopefully, some of his fans of interest and of means will see her story, come to her aid and help her in her present distress.

Due to her massive heart attack early this year and reasonable concerns for a safe recovery she is in no condition to play her part in this year's Elvis Week at Graceland. Please follow past updates on this site and help our endeavour go viral so that some of her admirers will pick up on her story. We together can have a positive effect on her future. It's worth a try. 

As Elvis is honored in memory and Patsy has such an admiration for a him and love for the thousands of people showing up for the event it would seem strange indeed for her plight not to be recognized. Our prayers are for a positive breakthrough in future events of her life. She deserves far better than the fate she is presently enduring. You may respond on this website for more information in the comment section for a more personal touch. She can also be contacted on her Facebook page. "Thank you very much".