Jul. 28, 2018

Pretty Patsy

Patsy Andersen-Presley, born a few years ago, world-famed Elvis Presley expert and events promoter having worked at Graceland for 23 years, has a special place in my heart. She has blessed me much by her presence, personality and love for people. Her birthday anniversary is today and I'll not tell you how young she is without her permission! 

Patsy, I wish you a happy new year of blessing. You are an inspiration to many who have been associated with you having been guided through Graceland tours for over two decades. I know you welcome prayers from your fans and we are pulling for you to have the best of your life in front of you.  

"Patsy" is Latin for "friend". Someone well wrote that her name means "Stately and dignified, being an honest and virtuous woman, reliable, hard-working and zealous, you give your all, staying positive and outgoing no matter what happens, your love knows no limits, a winsome smile that warms all." (will edit post to give credit to the author ASAP). I feel this is accurate and descriptive. 

Hard times have fallen on you. Following a massive heart attack early this year burdens have been immeasurable. Hopefully, someone will be sent to rescue you from hardships forced upon you. I'm praying that you will see unbelievable blessings coming your way soon. Our hearts go out to you. May God's richest blessings come to you this year!