Jul. 10, 2018

Mainstream Media

Newspapers, television, radio and online news could take up hours of our day. Decades ago a business entrepreneur was scheduled to make a speech right after Norman Vincent Peale. He was asked by the press how to become wealthy. He immediately responded. "First, don't read the newspapers, then..." The interviewer was not so excited about what he said thereafter. I've thought about it quite a bit. Another speaker said, "if you've got to get the news just set aside an hour on Saturday evening for that purpose".

Challenges with time management have been around for a long time. There is wisdom in not taking up too much time as there is not a lot of positive information. Once in a while I do pick up a newspaper purchased by someone else if it's handy to quickly check the obituary column. Usually very little is there to help me serve others in a positive way. Life is about service ot others. It seems that the problem of beginning our day with a catch-up presents another problem, namely, little motivation to move forward without being dragged by all the negative events of the past few hours.

Thomas Jefferson realized this when our Country was young. Today there is multiplied time theft due to the mainstream media business. We've heard quite a bit about "fake news" for tha past couple of years. Upon taking the fact seriously there is no wonder our Country is under seige in critical timing because of the competition for profit and socialist agendas of the political elites. The US Constitution is in a struggle to survive. Many students in schools of higher learning are in fear of their future. Hysteria is at the apex of things which come to mind as many millenials are being misled by professors who are products of philosophers who had not the American ideal of "One Nation Under God". 

Great leaders of the past often had to struggle for freedom we enjoy. Why not read after them? Many of them were respectful of the "greatest book ever written". The founding fathers for the most part had a passion for the freedom and goodwill toward others. People needed each other and sacrificed greatly to follow their dreams for a "better land" which so often is taken for granted while we take advantage of their fruits. While undersanding some knowledge is important we need more life-enhancing mind occupation with leaders and heroes of the past than what is so often "the news of the day". We will use our freedom wisely or lose it eventually.