Jun. 5, 2018

Amazing Artist

Forty-six years and one day ago a child was born who knew unlike 95% of the population what he desired to do as a career at a very young age. Born on June 4th 1972 in Jackson, TN the world would never be the same. While quite normal discipline was exercised on less than happy occasions his father was cautious to never kill the desire of one of the lad's great pleasures...his art. 

Educating a child is so serious a matter that parents need to look beyond the present moment to what a child can be with optimism and faith in human potential. He was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth or with particularly gifted parents. Not a lot of wealth and very little struggle. The carrot dangled within sight and with the cocoon unscathed from external forces he emerged with the strength to fly. What else can we hope bestow upon our children but roots and wings?

Manifesting two extremes was common. On the one hand the hyper-energy of an excited and comic youth. On the other the canny ability to sit as quiet as a kumquat while visiting the mental imagery and expressing his visions on paper. Fortunately, for you, you can see some results of a genius at work in producing stained glass in the "old original" style rather than by modern technological mass production methods. When one is fortunate enough to purchase a piece of his art he or she can be assured of a one-of-a-kind treasure.

Just type his name into your browser: Judson Portzer...and see what you think.

Congratulations, son, on your 46th birthday anniversary. We who know you most love you more than you can imagine. We wish you the best of success for now and in eternity.