May. 28, 2018

Cheyenne's Day

May is a very special month in our family. That specialty has spilled over into many other lives. May brings to mind several important figures as noted in posts this month. 

Cheyenne, of Amarillo, TX is celebrating her 18th birthday anniversary today. As with all young people, there are many reasons to celebrate life. This aspiring young lady is graduating from High School as well. My understanding is that she has quite a bit of interest in law enforcement. Well, Cheyenne, it just so happens that a "lawman" born on May 26, 1923, set a great example in the area of keeping peace all should respect. Read the "Matt Gets It" (the part on the old TV "character study" show of long ago) article for a summary of what all law enforcement personnel as well as those protected need to know to lead a successful life.

Let integrity in all areas of life be your "badge of honor" and live longer the good life. Congratulations on your achievement. Remember you graduate to the life of learning as a young adult and use all your influence to make this world a better place. A better world begins with a better me and a better you. You have been given educational roots and now you can spread your wings in a world of opportunity.  Learn, love, laugh and prosper!