May. 13, 2018

Mother's Day 2018

Reflection on the past empowers the future. Never did I wonder if I was loved. Unfortunately, some folks strive to find love. Mother was always a queen of "being there" when others needed her. She was there when a neighbor or relative needed help in times of illness. She was there when two more siblings were born and stayed until we "flew the coup". She was there when my own four children were awarded me in a tragic divorce. She was there on her death bed when her greatest concern was dad's welfare. He depended on her so much.

Thank you mother, for your demonstration of what it means to put others first. Thank you for instilling true and right values in me, my brother and sister. I'm sorry for all the disappointments you surely had when I did not live up to your expectations. I know you would be very pleased with our care for dad until his joining you in the hereafter. Your life was not in vain as sometimes you must have felt. 

Mothers, your life-mate and offspring rise up and call you blessed. Only when we follow your example will the world be a better place for our posterity.