Apr. 24, 2018

Should I Really Care?

Controversy is not something peacemakers really like. Certain principles mean more to me than money, fame or what others think. Personal integrity was put to the test in our last Presidential election. While some professional church ministers did not want to offend their devotees they withheld their influence and preference from public scrutiny. For many years the power of money over what is spoken or not spoken has been of real concern. Free people should be able to stand for good over evil regardless of the cost. A few wise people rightly saw the election as a battle between good and evil.

When a fighter pilot homes in on a mission target he or she decides to succeed even in the face of death. I saw the conflict raging in our Country as a real emergency. Two divergent philosophies were very clear. I'm satisfied that the Creator to whom we pray heard the prayers of the righteous and gave us one more chance to turn our Nation back in the right direction. Just as God saw something in Saul of Tarsus I'm convinced that He saw something in Donald Trump. Never have we seen such cruel energy against one man who gave up such an opulent lifestyle to save our Nation.

Determination to do what little I could to share a vision of National prosperity and relative security led me to risk any popularity I might have had. I didn't care what people thought about me as much as I cared to educate them on why no one could or would come close to taking on the task our President has. Fortunately, many Americans have seen "the handwriting on the wall" or a suggestion in the clouds. Who has ever taken so much opposition and accomplished so much?

I've never regretted my stand and am humbled by the gift of an imperfect character whose goal it is to bring his best for America's good. I'm inspired to stand alone if necessary to encourage righteousness to exalt our Nation while on the planet and to promote the oneness of all people.