Feb. 8, 2018

Day Planner

Did you ever hear the story about two men engaging in a tree cutting contest? At the moment of go one started chopping much like contestants for a car race. The other sat down and sharpened his ax. You can be sure who won! 

There's a good lesson for us all. Best to prepare! In the late 1980's I had one of the best experiences regarding time management. To this day my Franklin Day Planner (now Franklin Covey) the first thing to go into the daily page is "PS". That stands for "Planning in Solitude". With discipline this makes sense for those who want to get the most out of life. Not that planning has been mastered, but the habit of PS being entered is a good one. 

It may not be worth much for the person who might find the planner if lost. But to the owner the Day Planner is valuable. A great way to write a book and keep track of all that is important and in keeping with your life's purpose. My planner collection contains over 6400 ideas, article starters and quotations. There are now about 30 volumes. 

There are many planners on the market. I have yet to see one to match the Franklin Covey! Just for fun try meeting someone and suggesting that you two go for lunch 3 years, 2 months and 14 days at 11;00 AM. Call him or her for a reminder at 8:00 PM the night before for a friendly confirmation. You may gain a lot of respect and appear to have a great memory. 

Incidentally, you were correct if you selected the winner of the tree chopping contest as being the man who sharpened his ax first. Smart, logical and simple!