Nov. 13, 2017

Art of Courtesy

Life being made better for ourselves and others must include considerations for those with whom we communicate. Here are a few points of courtesy others will appreciate as relates to common activities:

Greetings: Make the other person feel as if he or she is the most important person in the world.

Phone, email: Always be sure it is OK with the owner to share a cell phone number or email with a third party.

Email: Try to limit the length to 3 to 5 sentences. Better to do essays as documents and attach to emails as you can edit for careful content such as grammar, punctuation, spelling etc.

Texting: Reserve for important matters, not a place for essays. Make each text count in a postitve way. Remember some unintended person may read your text without your permission.

Parting thoughts: Remember that you may never see the person again. If not (as in case of death), have no reason for regrets.

Name usage: According to Dale Carnegie a person's name is the most important word in the human language. Use it frequently and respectfully.

Listen: Not always easy but people want to be heard more than "preached to".

Smile: The one "universal language" all can understand. Be sure it's sincere.

Space allowance: Think of each person as in an imaginary "bubble" or comfort zone. Respect this and be mindful that such is usually detected by non-verbal communication.

There are other considerations to master in the art of courtesy. Don't forget that we need not be courteous only to strangers or friends but to family as well. As always you are invited to share your wise thoughts. Thank you...!