Sep. 29, 2017

Youthful Inspiration

Which of us have not been inspired by some young child making adults think? Even the "Master Teacher" spoke of children in a positive way. You may recall Art Linkletter's kid program parlaying funny and wise comments which made us laugh a few decades ago. 

I just came across an inspirational story of a 13 year old boy who built a complete tiny home for $1,500. Some of you may recall a short article on this website in which my interest in underground or subterranean housing began in about the mid-1970s. This tiny house concept is also one of my interests because of economy and a great and welcome expression of cool ideas. 

You have access to another treasure in my list of "Best of the Best Websites" on the "Coming Soon!" page at the very bottom ( The story is a "breath of fresh air" in our day of negative events demonstrating why I was glad to get past the "teenage years" in my strict upbringing. Feel free to share your interesting story with me on this website. Who knows how much your valuable service may mean to others in the future?