Sep. 19, 2017

Why Aren't I Perfect?

The old bromide, "Practice makes perfect" is simply not least in my case! You see I'm always practicing something. Even doctors "practice medicine". Who's perfect? Not me! How about you? Can you tell me you are perfect? The truth is better served by altering the statement thusly: "Perfect practice makes perfect". Then I have to work on perfect practice. I don't give up because at least I'm getting better. As Mt. Everest climber, Edmond Hillary is reported to have said, "Mt. Everest, you can't get any bigger, but I can". Emerson's "flywheel of habit" says that habits have their own momentum. Change bad habits to good ones and let nature usher you to greater heights. This is consistent with practicing for excellence. But perfection...just may never be! However, "If you shoot for the stars you'll never end up with a handful of mud".