Sep. 12, 2017

Secret to Happiness

Happiness is to often sought after directly. Sometimes seeking a thing directly winds up in frustration and disappointment. Let's say for example, you want to be surrounded by pigeons. You love them and want to be close and feed them out of your hand. You go off moving around them getting as close as possible. You get close and just about the time you think, "this is it" they fly away. But you've seen someone do what you are trying to do but just can't make it "jell". What is their secret? Well, it takes a little patience and know how. You feel that your goal would make you happy. Right? You decide to make friends with someone who knows how to feed the birds as they flock around him or her. You are told the secret. You practice with patience and one day you experience your "dream". Your real happiness came not in reaching your goal but in having something to do...yes, doing the right thing to make it happen. Try the formula in anything you wish if you want to find happiness. The secret is in having something to do to enable you to reach the goal. Try it. Always have something to do. Your happiness will be experienced.