Aug. 20, 2017

Ultimate Experience of Love

Caregiving may well be the ultimate act of love for it is the final service for those who are in their last days on the planet. Many challenges face the caregiver and the receiver of your care. There's something special about it. Many tasks to perform which are normally unusual and unpleasant at times. I have experienced the painstaking confinement of two adults as the prime caregiver: First to my bride (Pictured on the Coming Soon page) who had pancreatic cancer and my dad pictured on the News Notes page (click overview and open 2017 May 27 and see picture of dad). Dad was a WWII veteran who died of dementia.

Another heartouching story is that of Jared who's life is inspirational for the care he receives and progress made.

If you've never had the experience we know that natures call may one day be yours. Believe it or not it works better if you view the experience as an adventure of love for the helpless and you as a person. There will be some happy moments and opportunity to grow as a person.

Then also (pictured on the Coming Soon page as well) there's Patsy Andersen-Presley formerly of Graceland who became the sole caregiver for her mother.

Caregivers are special people and make great conversationalists. Who knows if you or I will need the ultimate experience of love during our lifetime?