Aug. 11, 2017

Epitome of Purpose

Facebook: Do you have an account? If so what is your highest aim for its use? Internet technology provides a tremendous opportunity for your goals. Sure there are bad things out there but like any great invention in the wrong hands much harm can come. Upon being with my dad for months before his death a good deal of time was spent writing, reading and meditating. I crystalized my prime goal. Features include eternal considerations because as we age with more fleeting time behind we want our house in order. The values of my goal combines service now with eternal future after death. Our Creator always wanted one happy family to inhabit the earth. That's the story of the Bible! My goal is to lead people to the Source of salvation--Jesus who alone connects us to God's original purpose of unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. I urge you to go to a group called "Church of Christ Facebook" when you are on Facebook. You'll find meeting of minds of people with the "church of Christ' background and others challenging the institutional church paradigm of this small group who generally believe you must be connected with this party for salvation. The second group believes that those within God's family are not required to have membership in any denomination but simply be in fellowship with Jesus and praying terms with God while allowing the Holy Spirit to live within them. Gets pretty heated but I'm making every effort to wage peace instead of war with my brethren for the sake of unity to attract unbelievers and bring them into fellowship with God. You can see my posts and freely respond. With love...join me in this most noble service. If you think it is not noble I'll love you anyway!