Jul. 25, 2017

Social Media Value

Social Media is not my specialty but has grabbed my serious attention. Why? It is another blessing to communicate great ideas. There's power in words and communicating ideas. Social Media is a platform to keep in touch with loved ones, tell the world about your ideas for making life better and even earning money which all can use. You may have noticed the link: maxous.com/ronportzer posted a few weeks ago on the Coming Soon! page which lists some of the best websites for education and enhancing life.

Like all great inventions we must respect others and have a great attitude toward the technology. That involves not abusing the great tool designed for enhancing life. As an example, the invention of the automobile, the airplane, the telephone, the lightbulb as well as all other tools should never be used to harm others. Respect goes out to those in my age group for taking on the challenge of utilizing the Internet in an ever-changing world. Yes, the Internet is challenging to older folks but can aid us in connecting to the younger generation who pick it up like a circus. We with a great attitude can bridge the "generation gap" and help one another like the people who live to be 100 or more. One of  the secrets to long life is healthy interaction of the young who inspire the zest for life in the older who can in turn share wisdom. No wonder they play together and learn among other things the Internet know-how in exchange for your guidance and wisdom.

Experience the thrill and challenge of Social Media and connect with the world for education, fun and profit. We can voice truth to counteract falsehood. It's worth a try!