Jul. 16, 2017

Kristie Wolfe: Great Discovery!

Just discovered a treasure trove of great ideas. You can engine search Kristie Wolfe and find the lady dynamo of living with nature. The interesting video introduced itself to my welcome. Kristie gave the grand tour of her earth-sheltered place of peace! My own interest began in about the mid 1970's. "A mind stretched by a new idea can never return to it's original dimensions" (Oliver Wendell Holmes) was really true in my case! I built my earth-sheltered home (early 1980"s) and became so comfortable I never put on the finishing touches! My late bride and I designed another and had blueprints drawn up for a large one to house my tremendous, irreplaceable library and provide educational opportunities in the six major areas of life as well as the superior earth-shelterd concept itself. You can read more with a quick browse on the "Physical Page" under "'Perfect' Housing" on this website.

I may add Kristie's link to my "Best of the Best Websites". Awesome! Thank you Kristie for being such a servant to all the fine people who recognize your genius!