Jul. 2, 2017

Disney's Dream

Walt Disney is a household name. Who has not seen or heard of some of his productions: cartoons, movies and yes, Disneyland or Disney World? The value in introducing Disney as a life enhancement for all of us can be seen in this story:

Many decades ago young Walt, the dreamer was walking with a close friend in a huge expansive field. He began talking with his friend about his dream of building a playground for all the family. They went on walking and talking. Finally, Walt in his enthusiasm and hopeful success in sharing his vision suggested his friend become a life-long partner. As with most "visionaries" or "dreamers" their hopes are often dulled by a lack of enthusiastic connect even with best friends. 

Well, a few decades later Art Linkletter was telling the story just shared. Art said that every step he took that day with Walt probably cost him a million dollars! You see, Walt's dream cost a lot of money...a risk Art was not willing to take with his friend, Walt.

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