May. 23, 2017

Peacemaker Vs Piece Maker

Each of us may be defined as either a peacemaker or a piecemaker. It's not just the spelling, it's the character. You have within your power the choice of being one who influences others' lives by bringing them together or tearing them apart. Which is it for you? Our world needs more peacemakers. We are torn apart by many differences: races, religion, interests, prejudices, ideologies etc. There are too many piece makers. See yourself as one who promotes good preference. Hopefully, you'll be a peacemaker. If so, congratulations! We need more peacemakers. The motivating factor is love, love for God, family and friends. You are in a unique class if you are always promoting peace among those with whom you are special--good for life and happiness! Let's ask ourselves, "How can I enrich someone's life today?" "What can I do to make life better for someone today?" This will cause us to act. The resulting feeling will make us feel we have made another contribution to the good life. Let's be remembered as being a peacemaker.